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  • You always remember Chester right as we walk in the door. It makes me happy that he has made such an impression on everyone there!"
  • Always been on time and very good doctors! Very knowledgeable. I have never had a bad visit in 19 years!
  • The Doctor and staff are the best. Very informative and helpful, and always pleasant. Always a good experience.

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The Truth About Essential Oils and Pets

Essential Oils – What They Are They are natural products. They are concentrated, volatile oils that are distilled or extracted from plants. Though they are “natural”, that does not always mean safe, nor does it mean dangerous. Most essential oils are broken down and metabolized by the liver and eliminated from the body, primarily by […]

Holiday Hazards

Chocolate- small amounts may cause vomiting and diarrhea but in large doses, seizures and heart arrhythmias may occur Fruit Cakes, Breads, and Cookies Containing Grapes, Raisins, or Currants- may cause kidney failure Alcohol- found in rum cake and bread with yeast may cause vomiting, breathing problems, and in severe cases coma or death Salt- ice […]

Why You Should Bother Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

If you have a dog or cat over the age of three, you’ve likely been told by your veterinarian that they have some form of tartar build-up, gingivitis, or periodontal disease. Brushing your pet’s teeth may have been recommended to slow the progression of tartar build-up and make the gums healthier. Or perhaps a dental […]